Forma del primo movimento

Director: Tommaso Donati
Year: 2022
Duration: 82 minutes
Language: Italian
Production: NOHA Film, Tommaso Donati

The film follows the rehearsal of a future play. Through body movement, the characters form a tension-filled structure as they attempt to evoke past stories. The actors express the uniqueness of their bodies and create chances for these diversities to meet within the theatre space. They focus on their bodies, which are the means to get to know themselves, the stage and their companions. Bodies are also means to relate to the real world lying beyond the windows and the walls of the building where they live. Eventually, everyone will try to direct their own world, through unusual gestures, escapes and words now almost forgotten. The title refers to the sonata form (also called the first movement form), a musical structure that consists of three main sections: exposition, development and recapitulation.